Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buffalo Middle Eastern Dance Festival

Hosted by Belly Dance With Faaria
(Buffalo’s only ALL traditional style belly dance studio!)

September 26, 2009
Belly Dance workshops 10 AM-4PM
Gala with Live Music 7PM-Midnight

Come study belly dance from top class dancers Sabra and Devra of Rochester, NY accompanied by live music by Layali El Sharq Band

Doors open at 6:30 first come first seated

Student showcase - 7:00-7:45 PM

Belly Dance students of Belly Dance With Faaria present group and solo pieces

Traditional Style Belly Dance Show with live music - 8:00-9:30 PM

Guest Dancers Sabra and Devra, performances by Faaria’s Belly Dance Ensemble, Faaria, and introducing Eirene and Kalilah

Open Dancing - 9:30PM-Midnight

Live Music by Layali El Sharq Band


Pre-sale Tickets are $20 and include a Maza (appetizer) Plate (presale only)
Pre-sale by September 19th

Tickets are $20 at the door (show only, no Maza Plate included)
Cash Bar Available

All Events held at:
Brounshilde Post 205
3354 Delaware Ave
Kenmore, New York 14217

Questions? Email Faaria:
All Gala tickets held at the door in your name

Sabra (Michelle Charles)
$50 Pre-sale, $60 at the door
Rhythm in our Dance Workshop

Understanding the varied rhythms of Middle Eastern music is one of the keys to becoming a world-class dancer who is truly “one” with the music.

Join Sabra as she explores 10 popular belly dance rhythms typically found in an orientale dance routine: Maksoum, Baladi, Saiidi, Masmoudi, Chiftetelli, Malfouf, Fellahy, Khaleegy, Karsilama, and Ayoob. She will teach you how to recognize each rhythm, break it down into its parts, and demonstrate exciting dance combinations for each one. (Bring your finger cymbals) Then, accompanied by live drumming by Joe Srouji of Layali El Sharq Band, she will show you how to put them all together, and shift effortlessly from one to another during a live performance.

Michelle Charles (Sabra) is a respected professional belly dancer and certified instructor based in Rochester, NY. Owner of the Goddess Hour Dance & Fitness Studio, Michelle skillfully teaches the art of belly dance to hundreds of Rochester’s most adventurous women. She is the creator of the Belly Dancing for Every Woman instructional DVD series.
Devra (Deborah Robinson)
$30 pre-sale, $40 at the door
Balancing Basics and Flow
Learn to balance a sword, cane, tray or basket while dancing. Balancing provides a workout in isolations and control, strengthening your overall dance technique. We will work on keeping the flow of the dance so that it stays a dance and is not just about the “prop tricks” Workshop will include traveling steps, undulations, hip work and level changes. This multi-level class is designed for students with some experience in belly dance. Balancing plates will be provided, or bring along your favorite prop. This workshop will include live music by Layali El Sharq.

Devra is an instructor at Goddess Hour Dance and Fitness Studio in Rochester, NY. She has her Middle Eastern Dance teaching certification from Hadia of Montreal. Using her background in gerontology she also enjoys teaching and sharing her love of belly dance with senior women in her Silver Shimmies program. Devra is a dancer and costume director with Sahara Shimmer Dance Ensemble.
Claire J. Lynch/Faaria
Belly Dance With Faaria
Performances and Classes

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