Saturday, November 18, 2006

The singing group Point of Grace Sunday night, Dec. 3rd, 6pm concert at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church

The singing group Point of Grace--Shelley Breen, Heather Payne, Denise Jones, and Leigh Cappillino--are known for their heavenly four-part harmony, as well as their hearts for inspiring and encouraging women to live pure and holy lives. With a string of nearly thirty number one hits on Christian radio, Point of Grace has been making inspirational music for over a decade, and this season they're on a "Winter Wonderland" tour that includes a stop in the Buffalo area, with special guest Scott Krippayne. Point of Grace brings their polished pop sound to the area on Sunday night, Dec. 3rd, for a 6pm concert at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church, 8445 Greiner Rd., Clarence (716-688-7165).

Group member Denise Jones answered some questions about the upcoming concert.

What are some of the songs you will sing when you come to the Buffalo area for your Winter Wonderland concert?
Some of the classics, like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “Jingle Bells” (our rendition) all the way to some beautiful sacred moments like “Oh Holy Night” and “All is Well”.
What's something you do at your Winter Wonderland shows that you don't normally do during non-holiday concerts?The Winter Wonderland tour is different than any of our other tours. We make it a very family affair. Most of our children will be out with us and they actually have a special little performance to give to the audience. We also dress up for the show. Lots of glitz and glamour. In the second half we will be performing with Eastern Hills' choir. It’s truly a Christmas event that will get people into the “Spirit” of Christmas.

What role does your group's music play in the lives of fans?
I think we’ve always felt that our role is to encourage. Life can be difficult and painful, and sometimes not fair. The one thing I’ve realized is that no matter what the outside of someone looks like, never assume you know their story. We all have things in our lives that have tried to destroy us. People need to be reminded that they are not forgotten and that they matter to Jesus. Hopefully, we do remind them of their value to God and those around them.

Why should someone come to see your group in concert, live?
The Christmas show is so unique. There are few groups who can sing in four-part harmony like we do. It will take them back to some of the Andrew Sister-type harmonies. It’s fun and happy. The first half is a lot of the classics with even some special guests like “Frosty” and others. The second half is beautiful with the church choir. It’s a concert that the whole family can enjoy.

--Mark Weber,

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